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Guide for accountants and bookkeepers


1. Introduction to Fast Reconcile software
2. Set up Accounting Practice
3. Invite your clients to Fast Reconcile
4. Install Fast Reconcile mobile app
5. Submit documents
   Mobile app
   Web portal
6. Review, amend and publish documents via Fast Reconcile Accountant Portal
   Add line items
7. Support

1. Introduction to Fast Reconcile software

Fast Reconcile is a cloud-based document capture software which has been developed for accounting practices and their clients.

Fast Reconcile solution consists of a mobile app and web portal.

This document provides instructions how to:

  • Set up your accounting practice in Fast Reconcile

  • Invite your clients to use Fast Reconcile Document Capture Software

  • Connect Fast Reconcile to Xero accounting software (soon also to QuickBooks)

  • Install the mobile app

  • Submit sales and purchase documents – via mobile app, e-mail or web portal

  • Review the documents and publish them into the accounting software


Terminology applied in this document:

  • Client is a customer of an accounting practice that use Fast Reconcile software to scan and process sales or purchase documents. The client can have one of multiple users.

  • Accountant, bookkeeper and accounting practice user all mean the user of an accounting practice who can process (scan, review, enrich and publish)  the documents on behalf of their clients.


Note: There is a separate user guide for the clients of the accounting practice.

2. Set up Accounting Practice

You can create Fast Reconcile account for your practice:  

After filling in the key information about your practice, you will then get an e-mail to validate your e-mail address with link to login and select your password. After that you can login to Fast Reconcile and start inviting your clients to Kletta.

3. Invite your clients to Fast Reconcile

On the left hand side of the Web Portal you can see the navigation bar.

  1. Click All Clients or Invitations

  2. Click Invite client

  3. Fill in Email address, First Name, Last Name and Phone Number and press Submit.
    Client information is now visible in the Invitations list

  4. Client gets an invitation mail in which he is asked to accept your invitation. The client is registered as Fast Reconcile user after accepting the invitation.
    The client is now visible in the All Clients list

  5. Client can download the Fast Reconcile app from PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (Apple iOS) and login to the app using the same email address as in the invitation.


Accountant portal has two list of clients:

  • Invitations: this is a list of clients to whom you have sent an invitation to join Fast Reconcile, but who have not yet accepted the e-mail invitation. After the client has pressed “Accept invitation” and selected his password the client will move into All Clients list.

  • All Clients: this is a list of your clients with Fast Reconcile account.


Note: if you want to deactivate a Kletta account from your client go to the All Clients list and press the Deactivate button for the respective client.


You can connect your client’s Fast Reconcile account to Xero with following actions:

  • Go to client list

  • Click Connect to integrate client’s account to Xero

  • Authenticate to Xero (similarly as in other document capture software)

  • After this you or the client can publish documents to Xero

4. Install Fast Reconcile mobile app

Both accountants/bookkeepers and the clients can use mobile app to:

  • Snap a picture of a receipt or invoice and submit it for processing

  • Review, amend and publish documents

  • Delete documents that have not been published
    (see below chapter for more details)

  • Publish purchase and sales documents

The difference between accountant profile and client profile in the mobile app is that the accountant can select the client whose document she/he is processing.

5. Submit documents

Fast Reconcile offers multiple ways to submit sales and purchase documents for processing:

  • Mobile app – both client user and bookkeeper on behalf of the client

  • E-mail – client user

  • Upload document via web portal - both client user and bookkeeper on behalf of the client

Note, Fast Reconcile is significantly faster than most other document capture solutions available. Fast Reconcile AI captures the key information from the documents typically in a few seconds. After this you can see all the information captured and can start processing/publishing the document.


Mobile app


  • Press +

  • Select whether the document is a Purchase (default) or Sales document

  • Snap a picture of the receipt or invoice

  • Press submit

  • The document is now submitted and in draft status

  • If you want to publish document via mobile app select the document, review (and if needed change the information) and press Publish. The document is then published to Xero. You will get a notification message if any mandatory information is missing.


  • Client user can submit invoices and other documents by sending an e-mail to address (purchase documents) or (sales documents).
    Note, the e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address registered for that client in Fast Reconcile.

  • Note: Ability to submit documents via e-mail will be available during the first week of June.

 Web portal

  • Client user or bookkeeper can upload sales or purchase documents via web portal by clicking Upload document button which is available on top of Purchases and Sales lists. Drag and drop works also.

6. Review, amend and publish documents via Fast Reconcile Accountant Portal

First select the client whose documents you want to process. You can then select either Sales or Puchases to see list of sales or purchase documents accordingly.

Fast Reconcile accountant portal provides you visibility to the sales and purchase documents which the client has submitted (through the mobile app, e-mail or uploading via web portal).

The AI technology leveraged by Fast Reconcile has typically captured following information from the receipt and invoices:

  • Supplier / Customer name (contact in Xero) – you can select one from the existing list of contacts. If the contact is a new and not yet in Xero you can click create new contact.

  • Category – you can select one from the list of categories that is based on Chart of Accounts maintained in Xero for this client

  • Date (date of the receipt or invoice creation date)

  • Due Date (if available in the invoice, otherwise the same as date)

  • Tax code – you can select one from the list of tax codes maintained in Xero for this client

  • Invoice number (if available in the invoice)

After reviewing the information, and where needed corrected it, you can click Publish to create an invoice in Xero with this information.

You can also save changes to the invoice without publishing it by selecting Save as Draft.

Add line items

If you need to publish the document with line items, you can easily extract line items by clicking Add line items. The line items will be populated with the information that AI has been able to read from the document. You are requested to select correct tax code for each line item. If you have selected tax code before pressing Add line items then this tax code will be automatically populated to each line item.

7. Support

If you or your clients need any help or support please contact us by sending e-mail to or call to +44 7713895898.  

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