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Guide for end users

1. Introduction to Fast Reconcile software
2. Accept invitation and install Fast Reconcile mobile app
3. Submit documents
   Mobile app
   Web portal
4. Invite your colleagues to Fast Reconcile
5. Support

1. Introduction to Fast Reconcile software

Fast Reconcile is a cloud-based document capture software which has been developed for accounting practices and their clients. With Fast Reconcile you can easily snap pictures of receipts and invoices and submit them to your bookkeeper or publish them to Xero accounting software. You can also e-mail invoices and other related documents to Fast Reconcile or Upload documents via web portal. You can submit both sales (e.g. sales invoices and credit notes) and purchase documents (e.g. receipts and bills).

This document provides instructions how to:

  • Accept an invitation from your bookkeeper or accountant

  • Install Fast Reconcile mobile app

  • Connect Fast Reconcile to Xero accounting software

  • Submit sales and purchase documents – via mobile app, e-mail or web portal

  • Add your colleagues to Fast Reconcile

2. Accept invitation and install Fast Reconcile mobile app

You should receive an invitation e-mail after your bookkeeper or accountant has invited you to Fast Reconcile. Press Accept to proceed.

To install the mobile app:

  • Go to Google Play Store (Android user) or Apple App Store (Apple iOS user). Type Fast Reconcile and install the app.

  • Log in with your e-mail address (please use the same address where you received the invitation from your bookkeeper/accountant. If you would prefer to use another email address, please inform your bookkeeper/accountant.)

  • You are now ready to start using the mobile app

You can use mobile app to:

  • Snap a picture of a receipt or invoice and submit it your bookkeeper/accountant

  • Review, amend and publish documents

  • Delete documents that have not yet been published to Xero
    (see below chapter for more details)

3. Submit documents

Fast Reconcile offers multiple ways to submit sales and purchase documents.


Mobile app


You can submit documents by following these steps:

  • Press +

  • Select whether the document is a Purchase (default) or Sales document

  • Snap a picture of the receipt or invoice

  • Press submit

  • The document is now submitted and in draft status

  • If you want to publish document via mobile app select the document, review (and if needed change the information) and press Publish. The document will be published into Xero. You will get a notification message if any mandatory information is missing.



  • You can submit invoices and other documents by sending an e-mail to address (purchase documents) or (sales documents).
    Note, the e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address registered for your Fast Reconcile profile.

  • After this the submitted document is visible in the mobile app and web portal.


 Web portal

  • You can access the web portal: 

  • In the web portal can upload sales or purchase documents via web portal by clicking Upload document button which is available on top of Purchases and Sales lists. Drag and drop works also.

4. Invite your colleagues to Fast Reconcile

You can invite your team members or other people from organization to Fast Reconcile:

  • Login to Fast Reconcile web portal

  • Click Settings à Account & Team à Team

  • Click + Invite team member        

  • Fill in team member’s email address and click Invite

  • Your team receives invitation to Fast Reconcile. He/she can then login and submit documents to the same organization.

5. Support

If you have any questions that your accountant or bookkeeper cannot solve, please contact to Fast Reconcile support by sending email to

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