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Scan, categorise and publish your documents faster and cheaper. 

Experience the Efficiency.

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Scan, categorise and publish your invoices in a few seconds.

Why Fast Reconcile?

Fast Reconcile offers a fast, affordable, and efficient solution for document processing. Our solution employs generative AI to automate the entire process—from capturing an invoice or receipt to publishing the document with the correct information in the accounting software. It provides significant efficiency gains compared to other solutions available on the market.



Fast, Accurate and and Reliable - minimizing need for manual work

Capture data from invoices, receipts and other documents.

Leading edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) captures all data fields instantly from invoices and receipts.

AI understands and categorises the documents on a line-item level.

AI understands the text and numbers in the document and automatically populates the amounts, dates, categorisation and other relevant information.

Accounts updated in the accounting software

Documents are published to the accounting software with all the required information for fast reconciliation.

How Fast Reconcile Works


Snap a photo of the receipt or forward the invoice via email

Leading-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) captures all data fields from receipts and invoices, typically in less than five seconds—much faster than leading incumbent solutions.

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Review and publish documents easily either via web portal or mobile app

Both the client and the bookkeeper can access the documents through the web portal or mobile app.  and publish them to the accounting software with all relevant information.


Line item extraction without any additional cost

Easily review the submitted sales and purchase documents, check the categorisation, tax codes, and other relevant information, and publish them to the accounting software. You can also extract line item information without any additional cost.

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Accounts updated in the accounting software

Invoices are created in the accounting software immediately after publishing.


Both the business owner and the bookkeeper have a comprehensive overview of the status of the recently submitted documents.

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About Us

About Fast Reconcile

Designed with seasoned accounting practive owners to address the real need

Fast Reconcile was developed to address the real need for an affordable and technologically advanced solution that automates the processing of sales and purchase documents.

Practice owners have recently expressed continuous frustration with incumbent players due to significant price hikes and limited capabilities.


At the same time, generative AI is proving the means to develop increasingly powerful software solutions to  revolutionize various industries, including accounting.


Fast Reconcile has been collaboratively designed with seasoned accounting practice owners. Our solution is customer-focused, and our roadmap will evolve based on continuous feedback from our clients.


Only £3 per client per month, with a one-month free trial.

Automated line item extraction included.

For example, an accounting practice with 40 clients pays £120 per month.

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Satisfied Customers

“Fast Reconcile offers a powerful solution for document processing with significantly lower pricing than the incumbent solutions.  Ability to publish documents also via mobile app provides additional flexibility and saves time.”

Gill, Accounting Practice Owner

“I can't imagine going back to my previous solution after using Fast Reconcile. It's a game-changer.”

James, Experienced Accountant

“Fast Reconcile is easy-to-use and provides key features that I need on daily basis for processing clients' receipts and bills. ”

Elisabeth, Bookkeeper

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